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Ways to Revamp Your Old Patio

Posted on: March 6th, 2018 by

There are many of you who must have bought a house with a terrace attached to it. More often then not you will find that these patios are only a simple concrete slab and nothing more than that. Hence you will need to put in your time, effort and money to revamp it so that it fits your needs and compliments the look of your house. In some cases you will have no choice even if you want to revamp your patio as you will not be given enough space to change it. But if you are lucky then you may get a yard with enough room to revamp and change its design and make it according to your liking.

There is many a time when you are in a place where the weather is not very friendly and hence most of the residents there get an enclosed yard installed at their homes. Thus this enclosed patio not only gives you the benefit of using it all round the year but also adds up as another extension your house and a separate room all by itself. These enclosed terraces are usually made of see through material and hence it provides you the view of your garden and the surrounding as well as acts as another extension of your home.

Now even if you are stuck with a patio that happens to be only a concrete slab it does not mean that you cannot make the best use of it. Though you will not be able to change the concrete slab but you can still change its surrounding. You can change the colour of the courtyard and add life to it by placing the flowers and the potted plants in and around the concrete slab. These plants and small trees and some bushes that you can plant around the terrace will give you the feel of being in a garden rather than in just a piece of concrete slab.

To further revamp your yard and give it a more grand and a bigger look you can also add a pathway or a trail from it into the garden which will further add to its grandeur. Thus you can use various other ways apart from this to connect your patio to your garden which make it look more big and beautiful. Thus using the garden feel will connect your garden and the terrace and will make them look like a part of one.

Another important thing to consider is the furniture that you are planning to use for your courtyard. The furniture will prove to be the final element that will add to the look and elegance of your courtyard and prove to be the determining factor. While choosing your furniture you need to keep in mind the colour combination of it and its surrounding so that the furniture that you choose compliments your patio and adds to its surroundings.

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