Charlotte Concrete Patios

Types of Decorative Concrete

While you might decide to opt for more classic concrete look, there are many different types of decorative concrete that can add visual interest to your outdoor space. Whether you want to add color or a stamped motif, there are many different options to choose from.

Dyed concrete allows you to inject not just one, but many colors into your space. When most people think of concrete, they think of the gray, boring concrete that we see everywhere in our society. Instead, you can match your concrete to the color of your house or mirror the beautiful natural colors of your yard. No matter where you draw inspiration from, we can help you find the perfect color, which will complement your home perfectly.

We can also use dyed concrete to create a tiled effect on your new patio, creating a look completely unique to your home. While most people choose muted colors to highlight the yard and the house color, you can choose colors as wild and vibrant as you desire. You are in complete control of how your patio looks!

In Charlotte NC stamped concrete is a great alternative to laying individual stones or tiles to make a patio. With the amount of rain that we get in this area, it can be difficult to keep laid stones and tiles weed free and stable enough to keep from cracking. Even if you have a stone patio properly installed, eventually, the sand and gravel used to support it will be washed away by our heavy rain storms, leaving you with an uneven or broken surface.

Instead, we can create a beautiful stamped concrete patio, giving the illusion of laid stone and other textures, with the durability of concrete. Because of the wide range of concrete dyes available, we can mimic just about every color and type of stone. By laying the concrete slab first, we then use one of our expert stamp systems to press a pattern into the concrete. Not only is this more durable than an actual stone patio, it is also faster and less expensive, with all of the same aesthetic benefits.

If you want more than one texture or pattern, we are happy to oblige, creating attractive borders or interesting designs throughout the whole of your new patio. Once the stamping is finished, we will use special sealants and colorants to ensure that the stamped areas look like natural stone.

Of course, if you prefer a plain, solid gray patio, we are more than happy to install that as well. While we love adding artistic flair to our patios, we know that sometimes the most beautiful patio is a simple one. Whether you desire just a rectangular slab, or one with an interesting edge, only we can create the best designs at the most affordable price. You want the best and we can provide it!