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If you are looking for a great concrete patio, look no further – CALL: (704) 323-5775!

Concrete Patios Charlotte can help you turn your outdoor space into an oasis, a place of relaxation and fun. Concrete is no longer just industrial, with decorative, dyed, and stamped patios, you can have a beautiful outdoor space for years and years to come. Unlike tile and wood, concrete stands up to the punishment of our North Carolina weather. Charlotte NC concrete patios have never looked so good!

Not sure what kind of patio you want? Check out our Samples page for a taste of what we can create for you. Keep in mind that our expert team of designers and contractors are available to help you pick a style, treatment, and design that matches your house and your yard to perfection. Whether you want something large and decorative, or small and functional, we have the expertise to get it done! You do not have to worry if you are not completely sure what you want when you contact us—part of our job is to help you envision what your house can look like with a brand new concrete patio.

Already have a patio? Unlike other companies, we specialize in concrete patio demolition. If you have a patio that needs to be removed before another can be installed, we are happy to get rid of it, leaving a clean slate for your brand new patio. A new shape, color, or style can completely transform your home, not only giving you a new place to sit, relax, and play, but also adding color, interest, and panache to any space.

Even if you are not in need of classic Charlotte stamped concrete patios, we are happy to install even the most basic patio with the most sedated design, giving you a perfect foundation for creating a unique outdoor living area.

We are also the best Charlotte concrete cutter service. Perhaps you do not need an entirely new patio, perhaps you are just looking for a different shape or smaller dimensions, to allow you to make the most of your backyard.

No matter what your concrete needs, we can deliver. Contact us today at (704) 323-5775 to start planning your new and improved patio!