Charlotte Concrete Patios

Concrete Patio Installation

Deciding to remove your old patio and install a new one can be a daunting task. If your home already has a patio in place, just getting that old patio removed often feels like an immovable obstacle. Our first task during your concrete patio installation will be to demolish the old patio, getting it out of the way to provide room for your new patio. Because it can be a laborious task for an individual to undertake alone, we have included concrete patio demolition in our list of services, to make the lives of our clients easier. You shouldn’t have to worry about taking your old patio out before you can hire a company to put your new patio in.

Even if you do not want a new patio, if you just want to open up your backyard and use the space for a lawn or garden, you can still employ our concrete patio demolition services.

The next stage of your concrete patio installation is to consider what style you want to complement your home’s paint color and design. Because there are many different styles to choose from, it can be confusing known which will look best in your backyard. The beauty of working with our Charlotte NC concrete patios company is the design help we are willing to offer. Whether you have absolutely no idea what style to choose, or whether you have a few ideas that need to be fleshed out, we are happy to help you create a full-formed, concrete plan.

If you do have a firm idea of what you need, we can help you map it out in your unique yard, ensuring that the design you desire will work in the space that you have. Once we have the plan made, we can begin the installation process.

Depending on what design you have decided on and how intricate the laying process will need to be, the length of time that it takes to actually create your patio will vary and the processes that we will use will vary. No matter how sophisticated your design is, will carefully install, perfect, and adjust every single part of the design until it is exactly to your specifications.

With stamped concrete, though we use the most advanced stamping techniques, there are often a number of touchups that will need to be done, in order for the whole slab to look natural and clean-cut. A smooth piece of concrete will also need significant attention, in order to ensure that it is perfectly level and smooth. No matter how long it takes, we will make sure that your outdoor space is not just beautiful, but also functional.

After laying and doing whatever coloring, stamping, or imprinting the design requires, the concrete is then cured and sealed, which will keep unnecessary moisture from invading and ruining the concrete. This is an important step, as concrete is natural porous and will collect water if given the chance. If water remains in the concrete when the first freeze of the year comes, this remaining water can freeze and split and crack the surface of the concrete, ruining your design. To prevent this, a sealant is laid over the surface.

The concrete can then be finished in any manner that best suits the aesthetic demands of the design and the needs of the home owner. Some home owners desire a more finished appearance, and some prefer a more natural look.

Once your concrete patio is completely finished, you will have a beautiful, unique accent to your home’s exterior. Until your patio is complete, you may not be able to visualize how it will transform your back or front yard, but we know that once it is in place, you will love how it livens up the outdoors and provides a useful, functional space for storage, coordinating patio furniture, and spending time outside.

In some cases, it may be more practical to use our Charlotte concrete cutter services, instead of demolishing and installing an entirely new patio. This is a process that few people consider, but it can be very economical if you simply want a different design or a smaller area to be covered by your concrete patio. Instead of tearing the entire thing out, we can cut it down to more appropriate dimensions with your precision cutting tools.

During this process, we can even add a new profile to a previously rectangle slab. If you would like a curved, flared, or scalloped design, our cutting tools allow us to cut in as many swoops and angles as you desire. Once we are finished, you can expand your lawn, add more plants to your yard, or create an interesting rock or gravel feature.