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Construct Your Own Concrete Driveway

Posted on: April 1st, 2018 by

Anywhere you reside, numerous homeowners fancy concrete driveways in their homes. Concrete driveways are hard and long lasting, and if maintained well can endure up to thirty dependable years. If you want to install a concrete driveway but are troubled about concrete driveway cost, then the next best option is to save money on building concrete driveways. Concrete driveway costs can be minimized with the type of concrete finish you plan to use in your driveway. Just get down to it and construct the concrete driveway yourself. If not, put together part of the concrete driveway and commission a freelancer to finalize it. This will go far to save on concrete driveway cost.

How To Calculate the cost

If you’ve agreed on a DIY surface your driveway project, you will need a inventory of tools that you ought to have with you. There is no requirement to purchase. You can rent them out. If you need to rent a cement blender and backhoe, this will only increase your concrete driveway cost. In the beginning, you have the driveway measured. If your house is located on the rear of the street, consider the practicability of having a single lane driveway that goes from the street to your household, whilst leaving room for two cars to move through. In nearly all cases, a one lane driveway will cut down on the concrete driveway cost, instead of trying to construct a driveway with curves.

How to save on Concrete Driveway Cost

Seek sub-grade concrete material, but check they are clean. If you are able to acquire discarded rocks from demolition sites for the bottom, be sure that all debris is picked up first before you fill up the base with it. Seek resources in salvage yards for concrete driveways. You’re bound to come across these materials, which would decrease the concrete driveway costs. Place the least amount of concrete in the driveway. Most cities recommend at least 4 inches of concrete base. Driveways need inch deep expansion joints placed at approximately 15 meters apart. Do the initial part of making your concrete driveway and let a freelancer take over the latter half. If the hired freelancer adds the final touches and pouring concrete into the driveway, you will cut down on your concrete driveway cost considerably. This also applies if you commission a freelancer to do the initial part, while the acquisition of the subsequent part which consists of pouring concrete and adding together final touches to the driveway.

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