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The Secret to Economical Concrete Resurfacing

Posted on: December 28th, 2017 by

A real alternative to concrete replacement.

Until now there were only two options when it came to repairing surfaced damaged concrete-totally replace, which can be both expensive and inconvenient, or using patching compound that leave the surface blotchy and uneven. But their is a cost-effective solution-concrete dressing.

Cost Effective & Versatile concrete driveway resurfacing

At a fraction of the cost of total replacement. Now there is cost-effective solution to repairing concrete inside or outside. A durable new wear surface with a Portland cement-based formulation resurfaces, old, spalled or damaged surfaces such as:

– Driveways
– Sidewalks
– Patio & pool decks
– Garage floors
– Basement floors
– Concrete walls

Economical Decorative Surfaces

The Portland cement based concrete dressing can be :

– Integrally Colored
– Textured
– Patterned
– Colored with a pigmented concrete sealer (available in 32 colors

To turn ordinary into a dramatic, and eye-catching surface, making it a great alternative to replacement.Concrete dressing is perfect for enhancing exterior or interior living areas and apartment complexes, as well as commercial settings such as hotels, office parks, restaurants, retail outlets and more.

Environmentally Friendly & Durable

Because of the concrete dressings unique formulation, surface preparation requiring acid etching or solvents is not needed. And when it comes to durability, the dressing provides a compressive strength of 4,000 psi and a flexural strength of 1,000 psi, making it an excellent choice for concrete driveway resurfacing and installations in colder climates where freeze-thaw cycles are a concern.

Fast & Convenient

And when it comes to convenience-there’s nothing like it. In fact concrete resurfaced with concrete dressing can accept foot traffic in 2 hours, vehicle traffic in 6-8 hours, and can be sealed the same day!

Bring old concrete back to life

Concrete driveway resurfacing? The answer, concrete dressing, for your old, damaged or spalled surfaces, will give you a new, exciting look. You should consider it as the most economical decorative concrete answer.

– Driveway repair
– Wall repair
– Pool repair
– Sidewalk repair
– Step repair
– Block repair
– Cement crack repair
– Repairing spalled surfaces

Concrete Sealer and concrete dressings have additional perks beyond cost and labor savings. A pigmented concrete sealer will add decorative color design options. The surface is effortless to clean-a significant advantage for homeowners with indoor pets or allergy problems. Resurfacing with concrete dressing offer low maintenance beauty for years to come.

Paul Spurlock is recognized as a professional in the flooring industry with 34 years experience as a commercial flooring contractor. Installations include hospitals, high schools, retail outlets, judicial centers, medical clinics and high end luxury condos, With factory training by Ardex Engineered Cements and Specialty Concrete products.

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