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Homeowners Are Discovering The Benefits Of Carvestone Over Stamped Concrete In Houston

Posted on: December 15th, 2017 by

Those that choose stamped concrete in Houston as a way to protect their exterior concrete surfaces, such as their driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks, usually find that they regret that decision. This is especially true when they learn about the Carvestone concrete overlay installed by Allied Outdoor Solutions. That’s because Carvestone is superior to stamped concrete due to a number of reasons, which his why is quickly replacing stamped concrete in Houston as the most popular concrete coating.

Homeowners that have stamped concrete in Houston will notice after just a short time after installation that there is significant wear and tear. After just a few years, repair or even reinstallation will be needed, which means additional costs that erase any savings that stamped concrete may have provided at the time. Allied Outdoor Solutions has installed thousands of Carvestone concrete coatings over the years and most of those still look as good as they day they were first put in; some even a decade later.

And when we say “look good” we mean it. When compared aesthetically to stamped concrete in Houston, Carvestone is clearly more appealing. That’s because the unique limestone mixture helps the Carvestone concrete overlay achieve the look of real stone without the costs of real stone. It only makes sense that Carvestone was originally created to restore historic buildings in Europe. Beyond that real stone look, each Carvestone project that is installed by Allied Outdoor Solutions is custom designed specifically for that home. Creating a one of a kind look for your concrete coating isn’t something you can achieve with stamped concrete in Houston and it will certainly make your home stand out among those that don’t have Carvestone.

Anyone that has installed stamped concrete in Houston or had to live through any other home improvement project will also appreciate the fact that when we install Carvestone, we do it with no messy tear outs. Each Carvestone installation is done by hand. This includes the troweling, grouting, texturing and coloring. This ensures that not only do are we able to closely manage each aspect of the project to match your custom design but we’re able to do all the work with disrupting your home. The finished product will look much better than any stamped concrete in Houston and you’ll have a concrete overlay that will protect your exterior concrete for years to come.
We treat your home project with the utmost care and attention, as we would treat our own home projects. Allied Outdoor Solutions is committed to giving you the best possible results. Each job is carved, colored and grouted by hand. No tape, stencils or stones!

Stamp-a-ma-jig – Use This Tool To Correctly Position Your Stamped Images

Posted on: November 14th, 2017 by

A common frustration I hear from rubber stampers at a class is “I messed up – my stamped image is crooked.” An easy fix for this problem is to use the Stamp-a-Ma-Jig, a tool for stamping an image in the exact position you want.

The Stamp-A-Ma-Jig has 2 pieces – the T-shaped positioning tool and a clear, plastic, square sheet. The T-shaped tool has a non-skid bottom. The vertical line is longer that the horizontal one.

The procedure is straightforward. First you stamp the image on the plastic sheet. Then you place the sheet over your project, say a card or scrapbook page, so that the image is seen where you want the final stamp to be. Then stamp the image on that exact spot. Here are the details.

Place the clear, plastic square on your work surface. Slide over the positioning tool, so that one of the corners made by the T is butted up against one of the top corners of the plastic sheet. I’m right-handed, so I place the tool at the top left corner of the plastic sheet. A left-handed stamper would place it at the top right corner. Ink the stamp and hold it above the sheet, right in the corner of the T. Carefully slide the stamp straight down, and stamp the image on the sheet. It doesn’t matter how dark the image is, as long as you can see it.

Lay the plastic sheet on the project you’re making. Move it so that the image is exactly over where you want the final position of the stamped image stamped. As before, slide over the positioning tool, so that it is butted up against the corner of the clear sheet. If the sheet moves, then start this step over again. It’s important to place the positioning tool, without disturbing the plastic sheet. Now, carefully remove the sheet, without moving the positioning tool. The tool should be over part of the surface to be stamped, holding it in place. Just as you did before on the clear sheet, stamp the image, by sliding the stamp down along the corner of the positioning tool. The result will be the image stamped in the exact position you want!

There are some additional tricks that may help you.

If your stamp is short and wide, as often greetings are, then you may prefer to lay the positioning tool horizontally in a corner of the plastic sheet. This gives more contact between the stamp base – either wood or acrylic – and the positioning tool while you’re stamping.

If you’re trying to stamp on a very small piece of paper or card stock, you may run into a problem. Once you move the plastic sheet away, the positioning tool may be too far to hold the paper in place. If this happens, then glue the paper to your work surface with a temporary adhesive. Get the T-shaped positioning tool in place, as always. When you removed the plastic sheet, the tool won’t be holding down the paper or card stock. However, the temporary adhesive will hold it long enough for you to finish the procedure. Your final stamped image will be perfectly positioned! Just pick it up and glue to your project, as needed.

By the way, the plastic sheet is easily cleaned with running water. Sometimes, dark ink with leave a little color behind. Just use your regular stamp cleaner and the plastic sheet will be as good as new. I’ve had mine for almost 6 years. It looks the same as it did on the day I bought it – and I use mine several times every week!

The Stamp-A-Ma-Jig is truly one of my most often-used stamping tools.

Sandi Phelan is a teacher and designer of paper craft projects. Her favorite projects are hand-stamped cards and scrapbooks – both paper-based and digital. She’s been an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator since 2005, using their products on her projects and in her classes. For more information on techniques for creative design of hand-stamped cards, please visit

Utility of Stamped Concrete

Posted on: December 11th, 2015 by HardSlick

In the construction of property or office space, making use of concrete is needed. People that believe that concrete is not a crucial part right here often blunder in the qualities it has and also its lots of uses. Concrete could make any type of house’s exterior or commercial area look fantastic and sturdiness goes along with it for future. The very best usage of concrete in outside is stamped concrete method. In this approach, concrete is put right into the needed area and afterwards it is pushed right into wanted form, which can be any type of type such as brick, timber, floor covering and so on. Concrete appearance like any sort of product as well as after that final additions are provided the surface.

This sort of stamped concrete is primarily utilized due to the budget-friendly attribute. Stone makes a strong area however the problem to provide it some other shape, cost, labor and included determines do deficient a favored choice. This procedure has various other usages likewise, as it can be used making benches, sculptures, water fountains and so on. The variety of uses makes this technique preferred. One can see this technique in different nations,. A contractor, that designs and makes the framework, normally does it. People must not perform this method, as it is meticulous and a long procedure, which needs some sophisticated devices and also dimensions.

Many have a viewpoint that marked concrete approach is used mostly in houses. As a matter of fact, it can be made use of in pathways, pool, outdoor patio, driveway, yards etc. This method is significantly popular nowadays due to high toughness of concrete. This technique is called as one of the finest in its class. With this method, total worth of the home increases. This makes outside come active and several can use this technique not only in exteriors, however individuals that have huge interiors might likewise utilize this approach, as this will certainly supply long-term life to one’s home. Numerous have also developed the idea of using this technique in gardens to form numerous forms and rides. This allows the yard to look more excellent in addition to more efficient and risk-free.

The Writer is a specialist writer, presently composing for tarnished concrete flooring and also tarnished concrete.

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Crucial Truths concerning Stamped Concrete

Posted on: August 20th, 2015 by HardSlick

An easy process of pressing rubber floor coverings is called as stamp and also in a similar way pressing the area of real brick, cemented stone, paving stone, hardwood and numerous various other products is called stamped concrete. Patios, ponds areas, patios, floorings, driveways as well as internal home areas can be pressed with this process. Distinctive Ranges There are several selections of stamped concrete available in the market. Being a citizen of Kelowna, it is simple to buy them from any kind of close-by house renovation establishments. There are a number of attractive concrete suppliers readily available in Kelowna, you could check out any of them and select the layouts in addition to appoint there solutions in order to bring out the intended job. You can even acquire reasonable tree bark stamps, fossil, bear, wildcat track and many other shell stamps that will certainly supply your patio area, pavers or deck an unique look. There is an opportunity to small the product with any thing but once compression procedure has actually done, it ought to be entrusted to get hard sufficient to leave their perception. You can share this sort of creativity to the company which is offering you the service of stamped concrete in Kelowna. Places where stamped concrete can be used As anything could be done with regular rock as well as brick, in similar way some of the prominent concrete business in Kelowna can complete anything with the stamped concrete additionally. You can improve the beauty of your residence by creating a captivating brick surface over a long driveway. It will certainly also add the appearance of your landscape. You can stomp the driveway in a zigzag model, or compress the center with paving rock in a brilliant color and also flatten the limit with a zigzag red-brick pattern. If you have a large yard or porch surface area, you can try a blend of smooth stone or natural flagstone surface area. Talk about with shop expert You can acquire them from any one of the residence renovation establishment or ornamental concrete firm in Kelowna. You could also go to web to discover numerous companies in your region. Speak with a shop supervisor prior to getting the any such items, as they could suggest you the exact amounts of product. Nevertheless, the amount and also device demands will certainly differ to some degree depending on the quantity and classification of stamps you employ. Appearance Skins If you wish to have a permanent, distinctive area without the appearance of different stones, you can stomp the material with granite or slate granule skins. You could keep your concrete polluted with russet acid tarnish or acrylic areas, and tag on with an appearance layer to develop your long central passage, outside patio or driveway appear like old slate of Roman duration. After the product dries, you can develop the area like huge squares with a diamond cutter, as well as secure it with an enhanced layer to make the color a lot more vibrant. You could make use of appearance coats on concrete prior to you apply brick or paved stamps.

Sarah Jose is a Copywriter of She has actually composed lots of posts in various subjects connected to stamped concrete kelowna. To find out more on concrete driveway kelowna as well as any sort of other questions check out concrete firm kelowna

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Want a Patio? Try Stamped Concrete as a Low-Cost Alternative

Posted on: June 13th, 2015 by HardSlick

Want a Patio!.?.!? Try Stamped Concrete as a Low-priced Alternative
A stamped concrete patio area offers you the lookout as well as texture of a stone patio for a great deal much less compared to the actual point– up to HALF much less than the price of organic slate or limestone. That'' s not all. Stamped concrete can simulate brick, cobblestones, cracked …
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Weigh prices, needs as well as looks when constructing a patio area or deck
“” I feel that the building matters that can be made use of to produce a patio area, whether stone or stamped concrete or brick pavers, truly boost the style of outside rooms,” “Wandsnider states, bring in that his company designs and develops far a lot more patios compared to decks.
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Charlotte Concrete Offering New Stamped Concrete Options for Garage Floors

Posted on: May 15th, 2015 by HardSlick

The garage floor can be one of the most distinctive features of a house. Not only can a unique garage floor provide great aesthetic value, but it can also be very functional—whether as part of the traditional area for parking cars or as an extension for joyous occasions like parties and receptions. To this end, Charlotte-based company Charlotte Concrete is now offering new stamped concrete offerings for garage floors.

Made to look like actual stone, stamped concrete from Charlotte Concrete is manufactured with a thickness of 4 inches, and it has a 300-pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) rating. The coating is thus thicker and tougher than that of Charlotte Concrete’s competitors, which usually provide stamped concrete options rated at around 2,500 to 2,800 PSI. Also, each option from Charlotte Concrete is accompanies by control joints for managing possible cracking during the summer, and transits for proper drainage in case of a flood in the garage area.

Stamped concrete is characterized by patterns or textures that resemble bricks, flagstones, tiles or wood. Of high visual appeal, it is used to beautify driveways, patios, sidewalks, walkways, and pool decks. Stamped concrete, however, is rarely used for garage floors, which makes the offering from Charlotte Concrete all the more unique. Instead of the typical drab concrete commonly associated with garage floors, residential customers can beautify them with more visually appealing material.

Each Charlotte Concrete project uses time-tested and high-quality concrete techniques and materials. Well trained professionals start off by creating a compactable base material with rebar-bearing redwood expansion joints. Then they wheel in the concrete, level it for an even surface, bullfloat and trowel it to smoothen everything, and broom the concrete to produce a slip-resistant surface. The entire process usually lasts between one to five days. To maintain the surface, Charlotte Concrete recommends re-sealing it once every three years.

About Charlotte Concrete Patios:

Named after the metro area that it serves, Charlotte Concrete provides decorative or stamped concrete for residential customers. Applications include garage doors, driveways, patios, pool decks, and walkways. Charlotte Concrete is headquartered at Mathews North Carolina. Customers can request services by calling (704) 323-5775 or sending an email by using the contact form.