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Concrete Garages Prices

Posted on: May 8th, 2018 by

Having bought a car, it is essential to provide good and durable accommodation for it. The utility of a concrete garage has been well proven and tested. In this regard, prefabricated concrete garages offer the best solution for your vehicle, and also for storage should you have such a need. These have been in existence in the UK for some time now and concrete garage prices over the years have been coming down due to better fabrication techniques, use of technology and a wider range of customisable options for the customers.

These garages can be quickly erected, as they are now built with panels rather than slabs or pillars, as used to be the case earlier. The panels are tall and upright and you can have the finish of your choice.

As mentioned above, concrete garages prices are now a function of the accessories or options you want to include in them. Many prefabricators, especially the reputed ones, have the necessary expertise to offer you package prices as per your requirement of fascias, windows, guttering, roofing and pillars.

Prices will also vary depending on the security features you wish to build into the structure. The number of locking points fixed, flush mounted access doors and positioning as well as type of any window would all have an impact on the cost. Some go for wired windows made of glass, while laminated glass or frosted glass is preferred by others. If you wish to have the door close automatically with the help of a motor, then you have to be prepared to shell out more money.

Your choice of how the concrete garage should be erected and its costs will also be influenced by the lifestyle options you would want to incorporate. A maintenance free finish of mahogany or light-oak, while looking classy, would cost much more than a standard finish. Similarly any changes in the front post and anti-condensation treatment of the roof are other factors that can push up concrete garages prices.

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