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Guide To Building A Concrete Slab

Posted on: December 26th, 2017 by

More commonly used for making walkways, patios or foundation for a structure, concrete slabs are getting popular as an additional option for improving the beauty and durability of an area. With a good walkway, there will be no need to muddle through rain puddles or muddy areas. It is absolutely reasonable to design a slab that has a quality of not only being functional but also blends in the garden or porch. This simple article explains the basic steps to build a concrete slab and it is not only easy but needs a minimum cost to complete.

There are few things to consider like level and smoothness which is very important if it is the foundation for the house. The plan has to be well made and it must be ensured that everything is prepared for carrying out this project. The last thing required is to patch or trench the foundation. It is a boring and tiresome work when the needs of plumbing and electric means are not considered.

Before pouring cement on an area to set the foundation, the size and the location has to be determined that is to be occupied by the slab. For easy referencing, the stakes should be positioned for marking the boundaries. Any necessary adjustments can be made to the design as it is planned. Next, the area of vegetation has to be cleared. Few inches of the topsoil can also be removed and the dirt should be leveled to form a shallow hole. Some local authorities can also require to a vapor barrier below the dirt. This has to be confirmed with the local building authority. For setting the base for the slab, gravel should be spread over the hole. Steel mesh should also be laid. They are to be wired at the intersections with the help of pliers. This will strengthen the foundation where pressure is the highest.

Next, a form has to be used to keep the concrete well in position during finishing process. The string line will ensure that the form is square. For giving additional stability, they have to be nailed together. The slab level is supposed to be balanced in every direction. The sides of the form may be adjusted for accurately balancing the design. A cement mixer will work best for evenly mixing the materials that are required for the foundation. When cement is being poured, the shovel has to be made ready for evenly layering the cement. A ‘push and pull’ sawing motion can be used to layer the cement. It should be given time to dry. Anything heavy should be kept away from the area and it may take almost five days for a driveway.

The discussed steps and tips are the basics for building a concrete slab. A careful and successful builder will consider all the matters for ensuring the safety of the building’s occupants. In this matter, extra measures have to be taken for ensuring the stability of the concrete slab.

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