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Personalization – The New Statement for Polished Concrete

Posted on: December 30th, 2017 by

For demanding clients, customization is an old word. Personalization, however, is the buzzword for the moment. More than just a place where people move on, polished concrete delivers a unique style statement. Thanks to the many decorative possibilities available today, the options for making your concrete turn into an elegant jewel are endless. Stamped patterns, colored concrete, concrete engraving, intricately sawed or grooved patterns and concrete acid staining are just a few of the ways you can enhance the beauty of your polished concrete flooring.

Application Areas

The benefits of diamond concrete polishing are numerous as it provides an extremely smooth surface, and any possible look at a fraction of the cost. Some exterior applications of diamond concrete flooring are engraved concrete patio, driveways, and parking lots, entries, walkways, pool decks and patios. While, some interior applications are engraved concrete entry, fast food establishments, restaurants, shopping malls and residential entryway.

How to Maintain Your Polished Concrete?

Treat It With Care

Although concrete is one of the most durable paving materials, avoid the use of metal blades that might scrape or scratch the surface.

Remove Oil, Gasoline, and Spills Immediately

While a sealer will help to protect concrete from stain absorption, it is still a good idea to remove oil, gasoline, grease and other spills as soon as possible.

Avoid Using Deicers On Surface

In the winter using deicing chemicals on your concrete driveway can cause scaling and spalling. Products containing deicers are thus harmful because they will attack the concrete chemically.

Clean Your Concrete Regularly

Cleaning your concrete is the best measures you can take to keep it looking at its best. How often you clean will depend on the weather conditions the concrete is exposed to and the amount of vehicle traffic it receives. Ask your contractor for recommendations. Always apply and clean your floor according to the contractor’s recommendations.

How to Find a Diamond Concrete Polishing Contractor?

Get the names of the contractors who carried the polishing projects that appeal to you most. Be sure to ask about their experience and the quality of the workmanship. Once you come up with a list of polished concrete contractors, ask for references and get a list of concrete flooring projects in your area that you can personally check out. Also ask how long the contractor has been in the business, whether they have any professional certifications, and if they offer a warranty for their work.

The versatility and high light reflectivity of polished concrete are major benefits, especially for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, showroom floors, airports, shopping malls and other commercial facilities that are keen to project a bright, clean and professional image to their clients.

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